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Pharmacies are the first point of access to medicines, where consumers visit the pharmacy store to refill their medicines for prescription provided by a medical practitioner.
Due to the inability of retail pharmacies to store wide range of medicines and with limited inventory, often times consumers are forced to visit multiple pharmacy stores to refill their medicines prescribed in prescriptions.
With Indian Government vision to transform the country into digitally empowered society, can we use existing technology to provide a solution where consumers need not visit multiple pharmacy stores to refill their medicines and can locate the pharmacy store.


● Easy to use solution to
consumers, which requires no
App installation on device.
● Easy to find the medicine
without visiting multiple stores.
● Enabling local pharmacists to
become digital e-pharm stores.
● Pharmacists can increase their
business and also maintain the

● Users should know the medicine name or have a photo of prescription or photo of medicine they are
looking for.
● Users would send a message on WhatsApp to MedFind number.
● MedFind would request for location details.
● MedFind would validate if the medicine is an OTC (over the counter) or require prescription, and
informs users if prescription is required to buy the medicine.
● MedFind would intimate the pharmacies of user requests within the range of 3km of user given
● Upon replies from pharmacies, MedFind would share the details to the user where the medicine is
available along with directions to reach the shop.

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